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About Us

With offices in Missoula and the beautiful Bitterroot Valley, our team of agents will help you search not only Western Montana but also throughout our beautiful state. When you choose to work with a KW agent, you’re partnering with a highly trained professional that has the backing of the world’s largest real estate company, consisting of 180,000+ associates around the globe. That puts your search in the hands of the largest, most resourceful real estate network.

Most importantly, Keller Williams was built on a simple-yet-revolutionary principle: People are what matter most. To help cement this understanding, we’ve formalized a belief system that guides how we treat each other and how we do business.

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Our Beliefs

Win-Win:  or no deal

Integrity:  do the right thing

Customers:  always come first

Commitment:  in all things

Communication:  seek first to understand

Creativity:  ideas before results

Teamwork:  together everyone achieves more

Trust:  starts with honesty

Equity: opportunities for all

Success:  results through people


Done Deal


To build careers worth having,

businesses worth owning, lives worth living, experiences worth giving, and

legacies worth leaving.


To be the real estate company of choice for agents and their customers throughout Western Montana.



A technology company that provides the real estate platform that our agents’ buyers and sellers prefer. Keller Williams thinks like a top producer, acts like a trainer-consultant, and focuses all its activities on service, productivity, and profitability.


Done Deal
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