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US Army Veteran now Real Estate Agent. I grew up in Missoula, and I love Montana. After 8 years of Military service I came home because I wanted my kids to grow up in the same community I was fortunate enough to grow up in. This community offers so much, and as an active member of my local church, American Legion Post 135, and the Missoula Chamber of Commerce, I understand and support my community. My fascination with real estate and property ownership started in college as I started looking at investing and building my future. I believe there are few things as exciting as owning a piece of this earth. While traveling in the Army, I understood real estate as a great investment and I began to purchase rental properties near my duty stations. I m new to the profession of real estate agent but not to the feeling of property ownership or to the concept of others before myself. As a veteran I still want to serve and help others and real estate is how I plan to do it. With real estate being one of the biggest decisions a person will make, I want to be there to help, encourage and educate. The Army taught me how to internalize loyalty, integrity and leadership and I believe each of these should be found in your Real Estate Agent.

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