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James is a Realtor and real estate investor that looks to provide an understanding of the complexities and life changing challenges involved with the selling, buying and ownership of residential real estate. His passion is to provide a very straightforward approach with a professional service from beginning to end for all transactions and always respecting the wants and needs of every client. James spent 23 years on active duty in service to the US military with the support of his family and hails from the mid-Atlantic/Southeastern United States. Spending the majority of his life in the midwest and Montana, he is very adept at understanding the needs of living in a western environment and for those choosing to leave the west for locations east and south. His experiences from a multitude of US locations, military service, and Montana give him a unique perspective on helping both local, transplants, and military individuals and families. James works with veterans to find employment and transition assistance from around the world. He still enjoys his growing family, the cultural history of the United States/Canada/Mexico and floating those Montana rivers!

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