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Although not a Missoula native, I have deep roots in this community beginning in August 1992 when I arrived to attend the University of Montana. I never left after graduating in 1997 with a degree in business finance. I became a master working with financial calculators and helping my spouse and I reach our financial goals faster. Friends would often laugh at the many times I calculated their loans to identify their finance charges and monthly payments, and I ve advised friends and family on how to minimize debt and maximize assets by developing budgets. I have worked a variety of jobs in the last 26 years including a resident assistant/head resident of a dorm, Implementation and management at a 911 software company, Project management for a GPS mapping company, and an associate director of a health and wellness company. All have shaped who I am and given me skills to succeed. My spouse and I entered the Missoula real estate market in 1997 with the purchase of our 1st duplex. We have since acquired additional properties and own our home with a rental below as well. I've advised many friends and family members on both residential homes and residential rental property investments. I work with both buyers and sellers and enjoy the process of negotiation. What distinguishes me as a real estate agent is my commitment to finding answers, and my client loyalty. Purchasing real property can be one of the most stressful periods of your life. I assist in finding the answers you need to make the best decision and, in turn, getting a great deal. Additionally, you'll never have to question whose side I am on (it's your side!). Commissions are great; appreciation from the opposing real estate agent is nice; but my primary objective is to make sure you are satisfied and comfortable with the transaction. Come put my experience and client-focused approach to work for you. I will always provide loyalty, dedication, and experience beyond compare.

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