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Van Bockel




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Roxy Van Bockel, RS has assisted people in real estate since 2004. She believes that real estate can help you have security in life on your own terms. - Real estate Licenses in Hawaii and Montana - Over 53 million in real estate with over 300 transactions in the past 16 years by focusing on what her clients want! - 25 years in commercial and industrial construction in Western USA. Primarily Las Vegas and Montana. - Believes in Market research for determining property values. She will help you decide on appropriate values whether you are a person who instinctively knows what they like or one who needs to dig deep into data . - Knows real estate can help achieve personal wealth and a pleasant retirement because it has worked for her family! - Real estate philosophy: A good agents is cognizant of what is available and what is currently moving and selling in a specific market. Real estate is a huge investment whether it's your first home or your 7th rental property and I respect that!" - Personal Life: Roxy has been married for decades to the man who always inspires and supports her career. They met in Missoula in 1979 at a music festival! She has enjoyed over 16 years of representing buyers and sellers on the Big Island of Hawaii as well as a license in Montana since 2018. The ability to stay that long in a competitive career she attributes to listening to what people say they want to purchase and finding what actually works for them! - Why Keller Williams? It s a company that is both friendly and technologically focused. There is a strong emphasis on local community involvement. It is #1 not only in closed volume in sales but has been ranked #1 in Customer Service.

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